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Are you tired of the same old workout? Have you tried "everything" but still cannot lose weight? Do you spend more time recovering from injuries than actually training? Does your fitness level fluctuate between so-so and mediocre? Are you tired of endless hours on the treadmill, elliptical, or bike?

Do you want a challenging and rewarding workout program that burns fat and builds muscle efficiently?

Then Buckeye Kettlebells is for you:

Strength gains that will surprise you

Our students regularly hit personal records in strength gains. Part of this is programming to improve strength through proper technique. But a bigger part of it is the cultivation of the “Can-do” attitude. We don’t focus on little 5-pound dumbbells that you would find in many traditional gyms. Instead, we challenge students to push their limits to achieve lifts they never thought possible.

Without bulking up!

One of the biggest fallacies in weightlifting is that lifting heavy weights will bulk you up. That is just not true. Lifting heavy weights makes you stronger, not bigger. In fact, several of our students have lost significant weight while improving their strength. It is all in the programming.

The conditioning of a world-class fighter

Boxers and Mixed Martial Artists are among the most physically fit athletes in the world. Their abs are strong to withstand punches. Their cardiovascular systems are second to none. And fighters routinely push themselves to their limits in their practices. Kettlebells will allow you to develop similar fitness levels without taking a punch (although, that can be arranged!). Ballistic kettlebell swings, cleans and snatches will work both your muscular and cardiovascular systems at the same time.

Weight loss and cardiovascular conditioning

Snatching a kettlebell has been shown to burn up to 20 calories per minute - about what a person running a six-minute mile burns. But the kettlebell offers the benefit of strength training and less wear and tear on the joints. Swings are a very effective fat loss tool, and our programming is written to help you meet your weight and fat loss goals!

A strong back and improved posture

Exercises such as the kettlebell swing and Turkish Getup strengthen the muscles of the lower back in ways traditional Western exercises do not. Hard style kettlebell training emphasizes the hips and gluteal muscles, which helps to improve posture, and eliminate back pain caused by weaknesses.

Core strength second to none

In addition to working the back muscles, hard-style kettlebell training builds strong abdominals in the front of the body. Power breathing exercises allow obliques and internal abdominals to generate up to four times the power as traditional abdominal exercises.

Injury prevention through simultaneous strength and flexibility development

Through corrective stretched and exercises developed in conjunction with the Functional Movement Screen, students will correct imbalances and faulty movement patterns that inhibit pain-free performance.

Thought-out and researched programming

Your body will adapt to stresses, making it stronger and more efficient as you challenge it repeatedly. We write our programs to increase intensity and difficulty each month, then back off to allow recovery. Our training has a purpose – to help you reach your goals –and we often adapt our programs to best suit your individual needs.

Camaraderie to help through the toughest workouts

Buckeye Kettlebells workouts are challenging, yet fun. The group dynamic and camaraderie we foster here will help you get through the workouts, and reach your fitness goals. Our athletes are marathoners, martial artists, competitive rowers, brides, class reunion attendees, and new moms. We work together to help everyone reach their goals, and share the positive energy when new challenges are overcome.

An ability to work at your own fitness level, while still being challenged

Our members have varying degrees of fitness levels - for some setting personal strength records is important, for others, just showing up at a gym is tough enough. You will work at your own pace (with some gentle encouragement of course), and compete with your limitations, not someone else's goals. This is YOUR workout.

Fun, challenging and intense workouts that are different than anything you have done before

At Buckeye Kettlebells, we constantly ask, "What if we tried this?" and make adjustments accordingly. Often we will go back to basics, and vary sets, reps and weights. You will be challenged in ways you have not seen - and we will give you the tools and instruction to overcome those challenges.

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